Amazon Keyword Research

ZonWords is a set of keyword optimization tools for Amazon Sellers that let you gain the advantage over your competition.

Keyword Report Tool will find all the most relevant keywords that you need to get maximum visibility for your product listings.

ASIN Report Tool will reveal your competitors’ keyword strategy and provide keyword suggestions for your listing.

Keyword Tracker accurately track how your keywords are ranking.

Why Use ZonWords?

ZonWords is the best set of keyword optimization and ranking tools for Amazon Sellers backed by real Amazon data.

Sophisticated Algorithm

Our algorithm uses a self-learning artificial intelligence that learns from your input and finds more and more keywords to rank for. Our AI never stops looking and is always adding more relevant keywords that you can use for your product listings.

Accurate Data

Stop using tools that use stale databases and don’t change their search numbers in months. All our data points are updated frequently, giving you the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Excellent Reporting

Our tools allow you to quickly narrow down to the keywords that are relevant to your product using a number of filters. All the data can be exported in CSV format

Our Tools

Reports generated by the tools below offer a wide range of information which will allow you to pick the best keywords for your advertising campaigns.

Keyword Research Tool

Enter any keyword and generate a report for the best keywords related to your search term, along with other analytical data, such as the related search volumes, competition data and an estimation of units you need to sell each day to rank for each keyword.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

Get reports on the keywords that your competitors are targeting and ranking for. Just enter a product ASIN, and you will get a report on the keywords related to that ASIN, along with other analytical data, such as the search volume, competition and an estimation of units you need to sell each day to rank for each keyword.

Keyword Position Tracker

Easily track your Rankings, Reviews, Review Stars, Amazon Badges, etc. Collect detailed historical data on your ASIN(s) and/or ASIN(s) of your competition. Data is collected and updated several times a day. Stay on top of your competition with accurate up-to-date information.

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